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Banshee - Cry in The Night Album Cover
Cry In The Night

Banshee - Race Against Time Album Cover
Race Against Time
Banshee - Take 'Em By Storm Album Cover
Take 'Em By Storm

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Banshee is an independant band, publishing under our own label, Snowblind Records. All profits from the sales of these items go directly to the band, not the recording industry.

Take 'em By Storm CD $12.99
Banshee Take 'em By Storm
- Silver Pressed CD -
UPC: 786984097990

1. Color Me
2. Fight
3. Memories
4. Running Wild
5. Stand Strong
6. The Spell
7. Desire
8. Livin' It Up
9. Locked Inside
10. Out For Love
11. Live For Music (The Slam)


Cry In The Night CD $10.99
Banshee Cry In The Night

1. We Want You
2. Back Your Way
3. I Believe
4. The Stranger
5. Cry In The Night

Race Against Time CD $12.99

Banshee Race Against Time

1. Shoot Down The Night
2. All Alone
3. Race Against Time
4. Circular Flight Of The One Winged Sparrow
5. Call Of The Wild
6. Precious Metal
7. Desire
8. Get It On The Run
9. Missing You
10. Drive Like Hell
11. Desert Moon


Cry In The Night
Race Against Time

Cry In The Night
Banshee - Cry In the Night - EP
Race Against Time
Banshee - Race Against Time

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Cry In The Night
Race Against Time
Take 'em By Storm

Cry In The Night
Banshee - Cry In the Night - EP
Race Against Time
Banshee - Race Against Time
Take 'em BY Storm

Banshee - Take 'em By Storm


Banshee has been called a hair band, a glam band, an eighties band and all of the above. It rose to noteriety in the late 1980s when the hair and glam metal scenes were winding down, but made it's mark with it's heavy metal music.

The 80s may have passed with the 90s roaring by and changing the heavy metal scene forever, but Banshee remained as it was in it's prime. A melodic, progressive metal band that did not define itself with hair or glam labels. They were just part of the package back then. The commercialism of the industry had driven it there, but no more. Gone are the days of glam metal and eighties hair bands defining themselves solely because of how they looked.

It was always about the music, about the metal. In the eigthies you had to look to find the best. The best were usually right under your noses. Whether hair, glam, metal, the heaviest or not you wanted the best bands of the era. The best music, whether you called it glam metal, hair metal or heavy metal, it was the band that made the music and that is what you wanted to hear.

Banshee is one of the greatest bands from their time. Now they're back, with more to come as they continue in their history in great heavy metal music.